About Frofins

Frofins OU

To begin with, Frontier Finance Solutions`s Software and product development company is located in Estonia. First of all, it is focusing on Artificial intelligence, Trends Forecasting and Inter-market Analysis technologies. Thus, Frontier Finance Solutions makes trade forecasts for 15 commodities, 5 cryptocurrencies, 4 world currencies, 3 indices and 4 shares.

Frofins` Vision

So, to be a global leader of Artificial Intelligence on this competitive financial market, our company Frontier Finance Solutions is opening to traders worldwide. Also, you can use mathematical methods from any country, any city, any place. Therefore, we support 11 languages. Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish. As a result, choose yours and use all tools and opportunities with comfort and pleasure.

Our Culture of Innovation

As a talented and experienced team of executives, software developers, engineers, and customer service support professionals, we have a unique opportunity to find and make trading solutions and trade forecasts like the other can not. So, Frontier Finance Solutions capitalizes on trading opportunities which someone may miss. We operate with a focused, entrepreneurial drive and push ourselves to think differently. Then, this ambitious, visionary approach has helped us become the leading provider of inter-market analysis software for an individual trader.