Trade forecasts of Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs. Moreover, to create better forecasts, we use methods of probability theory and mathematical statistics. In addition, we adapt our own methods, which are based on the machine learning and soft-sets theory.

First of all, our task is to offer a full range of trade forecasts algorithms to form the best set of methods for the chosen index. Also, for ease of further use, we provide the ability to save the fused method and adjust it to changing market conditions.

Above all, by tracking changes in quotes and comparing them with trade forecasts obtained from the best forecasting algorithms at a given time interval, the user will quickly get information for playing the stock market.

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Period Options

Precise forecasts of a trend’s direction from one hour to one week period


A suite of other predictive leading indicators and technical tools that identify optimal entries and exits


Alerts on whether the market is expected to make a top or bottom over the next 48-hours

So, are you ready to revolutionize the way you trade stocks? The Artificial Intelligence behind Frofins Software produces highly accurate trade forecasts for stocks in different sectors. It includs Energy, Financial, Healthcare and Technology and more stocks around the world.

Do you want to take your Futures trading to the next level? Then Frofins Software Artificial Intelligence forecasts trend direction in advance with up to 70% accuracy for more than 60 futures markets including Energies, Indexes (including the e-mini S&P 500), Metals, and Grains to name a few.

Use AI to trade cryptocurrencies with an edge. Frofins Software utilizes Artificial Intelligence to generate accurate market forecasts for the most popular cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency cross-pairs. Surely, it includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.